Screaming Newborn? Try “The Hold”!

Nothing is likely as intimidating or discouraging to parents as a screaming infant — especially a newborn.

Last week my wife Kathy showed me this amazing YouTube video of Dr. Robert Hamilton, of Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in Santa Monica, California, demonstrating his calming technique for infants 3 months or younger. Literally, I had opportunity to try it on an out-of-control 9-day-old baby, and I, and the mom, were converts! This young lady instantly stopped crying.

I have since used it successfully on two additional babies, and instructed my Certified Medical Assistant Angie to use it immediately after doing the Newborn Metabolic Screening at 2 weeks, as well as after the 2-month vaccinations. Beyond three months, most infants are too large for parents to hold them and perform this technique safely. Most importantly, don’t tilt your baby higher than 45 degrees, as you may lose control of their head.

Please try this simple technique, and let me know if it works for you.