I have had the best job in the world! It has been my privilege for 35 years at Salem Pediatric Clinic to care for children and their families. And most who have met me would likely recognize two givens about me: I love to kid, and I love to teach. If you hadn’t heard yet, I’m enjoying retirement with my family now, but am actively writing for SPC so I can continue to provide helpful information and experiences with your family.

Witnessing the crazy, “kid who never grew up” part of me generally required an office visit. Dr. Tom’s Corner allows a wider audience to learn from some of the insights I’ve picked up in my 38 years in Pediatrics.

The ideas and opinions expressed in these articles on sleep and other aspects of child-rearing are entirely my own and do not reflect the views of Salem Pediatric Clinic or of my amazing partners.

The links I provide, especially on such important topics as child safety, including the latest American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendations for infant car seats, are from trusted, authoritative websites such as the AAP.

It gives me such pleasure that I might play a tiny role in helping parents to raise happy, healthy, safe, nurtured children who grow up to become mature, independent adults who leave home before they turn 40. 🙂


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