How You Can Do Your Part During the Current COVID-19 Situation

We at Salem Pediatric Clinic so appreciate everyone asking about how they can do their part during the current COVID-19 situation.

We understand you are thinking about the health of your family, and many of you are wanting to make sure we have the capacity for sick visits that may be needed. We have also been asked if we recommend postponing routine checkups and other non-urgent visits.

At this time, we still recommend coming in for routine care for children 2 and younger. Staying up to date with a schedule of preventative care, including vaccinations, can be protective to your children from vaccine-preventable complications.

For children over 2, we remain available for well care and would leave that up to your discretion.

We have divided our daily schedule in order to separate well check hours in the morning from sick visits in the later afternoon hours. We are also taking extra precautions to minimize the chance of exposures.

Effective immediately, we ask that only ONE caregiver accompany a patient for “sick visit” appointments.

We are making a conscious effort to conserve our clinic’s supply of masks. This measure is one of our efforts to decrease respiratory exposure for our patients and staff.